UCARE 4U 2.0

Introducing UCARE 4U 2.0:

After our successful UCARE4U 1.0 program, in which we brought you webinars, world Urticaria Day (UDAY), this website, social media posts and more, we are proud to announce that UCARE4 2.0 will be launched in Q.2 of 2023.


The World Urticaria Day awareness campaign known as UDAY will once again be at the heart of the UCARE 4U 2.0 Program. 

UDAY will have it’s 8th iteration in this program and is predicted to have bigger engagement than ever before.  See more information on UDAY HERE





In 4U 2.0 there will be 6 Webinars in total (split into 24 clips). 

Do you have suggestions for topics or speakers? Reach out to us HERE.




 100 Questions and Answers is a new format planned for the UCARE 4U 2.0 program where 100 short video clips will be recorded where physicians from around the world will answer the most frequently asked and most important questions about urticaria.




 UCARE 4U Social Media has been one of the most efficient ways to reach patients from around the world. FOLLOW US for more great content!




Translations and Accessibility will be one of the key focus points for UCARE 4U 2.0. Creating subtitles for all the major world languages (and more) for all our past and future content will be a major focus going forward.


This includes translating our UCARE4U website as well.